May 15th, 2012   North Vancouver, British Columbia

TerranceFraser has drawn 14 drawings and authored 35 captions across 49 games. They follow 4 players and have 1 followers. They've earned a total of 114 emotes!

Man w/ moustache and tophat enjoys candy May 29th, 2012
The Hulk loves kitties! May 29th, 2012
Armaggedon is near, says newspaper May 28th, 2012
Baby mouse rides frisbee May 22nd, 2012
Monopoly May 16th, 2012
Sentient church sings the lord's praises May 16th, 2012
You're doing it wrong -- Drawception May 15th, 2012
A yellow man with a shovel May 15th, 2012
Man takes bath in beer and drinks it May 15th, 2012
Treble cleft up, Bass cleft down May 15th, 2012
Sinking in quicksand May 15th, 2012
Earthworm takes public transit to mall May 15th, 2012
raven stole a gravestone May 15th, 2012
Snakes on sky dive May 15th, 2012