May 19th, 2012   Malaysia

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How to dye hair using jewelry. May 24th, 2012
Green goo is not carcinogenic May 24th, 2012
T-rex is deputized through cool hat. May 24th, 2012
Jenna was late to class again... May 24th, 2012
gandalf boxes the cookie crisp wizard May 24th, 2012
Trolls are worse than nazis May 24th, 2012
Fishhead man using mind to open door May 23rd, 2012
Spiderman realises he's out of shape May 23rd, 2012
Food falls into hand May 23rd, 2012
Dolphin eyes watermelon on beach May 23rd, 2012
Man shocked by octopus sun May 23rd, 2012
Cream biscuit kills D May 23rd, 2012
Wary maiden dances in tribal ritual. May 23rd, 2012
Torch-bearing Hermes flies in the sky May 23rd, 2012
I can't believe the amount of rainbows May 23rd, 2012
Loki found his helmet on Cloud 9 May 23rd, 2012
Little boy pie. May 23rd, 2012
Easter Island head smokes cigar May 23rd, 2012