Teh Lazy Spatula

March 30th, 2012   Fayette City, Pennsylvania

Teh Lazy Spatula has drawn 419 drawings and authored 2,857 captions across 3,276 games. They follow 20 players and have 36 followers. They've earned a total of 15,306 emotes!

cozy lady with a mug of hot chocolate Nov 17th
Love Fool Nov 11th
Hawk wearing a Top Hat Nov 10th
Chicken eating taco Nov 10th
Reeling in a Sponge Nov 10th
Constipated Octopus Nov 10th
Fake News Nov 7th
Acorn impales man on a sword Nov 6th
Fishing for Honey Nov 6th
Majora's Mask Nov 6th
Rattlesnake Nov 5th
just draw a dot with the detail brush Nov 5th
Hummingbird Nov 4th
Cosmic Cat Nov 4th
Tuxedo Cat Nov 4th
Playing chess with a zombie Nov 4th
peppermint buttler man Nov 3rd
Pet Tilted Mill Nov 3rd