May 27th, 2012   North

Digit has drawn 632 drawings and authored 950 captions across 1,582 games. They follow 702 players and have 216 followers. They've earned a total of 8,038 emotes!

Yoda Smash 5 confirmed Apr 28th, 2018
Tingle tingle kooloo limpah Feb 19th, 2018
Hax Feb 19th, 2018
man in chicken suit Feb 19th, 2018
Smooth Talking Vampire Feb 19th, 2018
A cow with a pigeon head Feb 19th, 2018
racism Feb 19th, 2018
Is this loss? Feb 19th, 2018
Bear has blood Feb 18th, 2018
Guy thinks of hotdog Feb 18th, 2018
Mario stares at toast Feb 18th, 2018
Declining. Feb 18th, 2018
Ghost is enraged when hears about gandolf's de Feb 17th, 2018
evil ginger kermit the frog Feb 17th, 2018
man with bowl fishing for men with bowl Feb 17th, 2018
he hates pepsi Aug 29th, 2017
The letter H Aug 28th, 2017
Girl enjoying a house burning Aug 17th, 2017