June 25th, 2012   not who i used to be

SLIME MINISTER has drawn 454 drawings and authored 11 captions across 465 games. They follow 217 players and have 357 followers. They've earned a total of 9,915 emotes!

David Lynch's Eraserhead Apr 11th, 2013
Draw what you want, because my games suck :( Apr 9th, 2013
Dude - that's not where you put your eyes! Apr 9th, 2013
666th game! something satanic, perhaps? Apr 9th, 2013
The Xcom initiative. Apr 8th, 2013
Jurassic Park- IN 3D! Apr 8th, 2013
It's the end of the world as we know it Apr 6th, 2013
hypnotic obsession Apr 6th, 2013
Palpatine sits on the Iron Throne. Apr 6th, 2013
Supermutant porcupine Apr 5th, 2013
Stephen Gammell art from Scary Stories book Apr 4th, 2013
Pug Life Mar 31st, 2013
Giant eyebrows are going to eat me! Mar 27th, 2013
80's Hair Metal Mar 24th, 2013
Wyatt Derp Mar 21st, 2013
No, please, call me Pope Frank! Mar 19th, 2013
Brushing Your Teeth... with POO! Mar 4th, 2013
The Queen of Blades Mar 4th, 2013