July 9th, 2012

Pluto has drawn 101 drawings and authored 247 captions across 348 games. They follow 12 players and have 1 followers. They've earned a total of 1,194 emotes!

typical omegle creep Nov 6th, 2012
An orange hypnotizing a lemon Nov 4th, 2012
Raccoon coming out of stomach Aug 17th, 2012
Winter is coming Aug 16th, 2012
To-do list Aug 16th, 2012
baby happily playing in blood and gore Jul 22nd, 2012
Nikki Minaj is Confused Jul 22nd, 2012
a handsome wife who looks like a man Jul 21st, 2012
blonde steals ducks wing, duck pissed Jul 21st, 2012
Outdated diapers Jul 21st, 2012
Mature Manatee Jul 21st, 2012
how're you holding up, coz i'm a potato! Jul 21st, 2012
Spanish woman enjoys jelly donut. Jul 20th, 2012
Pacman strolls through Mordor. Jul 20th, 2012
Jazz club hidden in underwater cave Jul 20th, 2012
Eat that cookie before you in the water Jul 20th, 2012
Tree Mugger Jul 20th, 2012
Take off your pants and jacket Jul 19th, 2012