September 19th, 2012   CL

chin has drawn 2,101 drawings and authored 140 captions across 2,241 games. They follow 9 players and have 1,263 followers. They've earned a total of 59,341 emotes!

Chinese Drawception May 24th
Drawception is a asian letter meditating May 21st
An L on a camelback ride May 20th
Japanese Drawception May 17th
viking bow-tie-ception May 15th
Russian drawception May 13th
Drawception but triangle as greek god May 11th
drawception D plunging into eternal torment May 9th
stereotypical radical femenist May 9th
D and PanelJam battle to the death! May 5th
drawception approaches paneljam May 3rd
White oompa loompa? May 1st
Cowboy dinosaur riding a comet May 1st
Shrek x Shaggy May 1st
Kermit the Frog Playing Drawception May 1st
Confusion. May 1st
Cat having wheels for paws May 1st
Chad Woman is "so beautiful" May 1st