October 10th, 2012

Elisabet has drawn 775 drawings and authored 1,547 captions across 2,322 games. They follow 783 players and have 282 followers. They've earned a total of 16,836 emotes!

Birthday cake tragically becomes self-aware Oct 16th, 2020
Minnie Mouse Oct 16th, 2020
A Helicopter digging into the Highway Sep 17th, 2020
Donut on the Moon Sep 18th, 2020
Dragon queen looks at a flaming giraffe Oct 8th, 2020
Proud of cat about to cross the border Oct 9th, 2020
Draw something colorful Aug 2nd, 2020
Germception Oct 14th, 2020
Tsunami Oct 13th, 2020
Giant sandcastle Oct 12th, 2020
idk, free draw? Oct 12th, 2020
Drawception D in the house from "Up" Oct 12th, 2020
Tiger Planting Oct 12th, 2020
Queen Bee Hugging a Dog Aug 1st, 2020
Patrick attempts to save drowning Spongebob Jul 31st, 2020
Draw something christmas-related Oct 11th, 2020
Memory Oct 12th, 2020
Squid Blacksmith Oct 12th, 2020