November 10th, 2012   Lawrence, Kansas

Sdm has drawn 472 drawings and authored 781 captions across 1,253 games. They follow 67 players and have 37 followers. They've earned a total of 9,143 emotes!

batman having the munchies! Apr 29th, 2015
YOU SHALL NOT PASS... it on Apr 28th, 2015
Bumper car noir. Apr 27th, 2015
Shakespeare shows you how to shake yo booty Apr 27th, 2015
The Tardis eats Patrick Apr 26th, 2015
Artist Painting Scribbles Apr 25th, 2015
Centaur, but as a giraffe instead of a horse Apr 23rd, 2015
Don't eat the blood filled cookies! its gross Apr 20th, 2015
Capcom runs out of Robot Masters. Apr 20th, 2015
Rocks. Apr 17th, 2015
Pikachu the human has rabis Apr 17th, 2015
Design an animal - Pass it on / PIO Apr 17th, 2015
pumpkin head explodes Apr 17th, 2015
Spawn of Satan cow says "MOOO" Apr 17th, 2015
Bad Alien Comedian Apr 16th, 2015
The lonely decay of a radioactive particle. Apr 15th, 2015
Drawception Feels So Empty Now... Apr 14th, 2015
Cat-dragon eating chicken on top of temple. Apr 13th, 2015