November 26th, 2012   Pennsylvania, USA

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Buy a neon blue platypus! Oct 18th, 2015
Tiger-girl catching a mouse Sep 6th, 2013
Santa turd comes back for another stinky year. Sep 2nd, 2013
"No! Honey don't look! Their naked!" Sep 2nd, 2013
Inside a bedroom. Door is open. garden outside Aug 17th, 2013
Redhead girl eating nachos Aug 13th, 2013
person is about to step on unfortunate egg Jul 30th, 2013
Ghost on the coast Jul 29th, 2013
Drowning black swimmer calls for help. Jul 27th, 2013
Man in turban only cares about the confetti Jul 22nd, 2013
Guy breaks up with his string bean wife Jul 22nd, 2013
:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) Jul 22nd, 2013
cat in a cup Jul 22nd, 2013
Red blob & Green blob with a pink horse Jul 21st, 2013
Baby math is very, very simple. Jul 21st, 2013
Girl paints window with giant rainbow paintbru Jul 21st, 2013
A dolphin talking whit a whale, whit love. Jul 21st, 2013
This is the first panel, yours is the second Jul 21st, 2013