December 5th, 2012   Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Nobre37 has drawn 39 drawings and authored 22 captions across 61 games. They've earned a total of 107 emotes!

Three headed cheeseburger monster! Dec 22nd, 2012
Chrismas tree on drugs Dec 22nd, 2012
Hilary Clinton goes to Mordor Dec 22nd, 2012
Smoker Says "Whatever" Dec 22nd, 2012
Lemon Grab - UNACCEPTABLE!! Dec 22nd, 2012
Angry Bird Drags Hyena to its Death Dec 22nd, 2012
18th century noble can't remember who he is Dec 22nd, 2012
Hands holding XL box of tampons Dec 22nd, 2012
Slenderman frozen in a giant ice cube Dec 22nd, 2012
Grandma got run over by a reindeer Dec 21st, 2012
MacGyver's Happy Meal Dec 21st, 2012
Lady in red chillin' on the beach Dec 16th, 2012
Italian car is victorious Dec 16th, 2012
guy is mad at fart cloud Dec 16th, 2012
Hipster dog approved before hipsters existed Dec 16th, 2012
Butterfree is chased by Moltres Dec 16th, 2012
Gingerbreadman and burger in space Dec 16th, 2012
the cake is a lie Dec 16th, 2012