March 30th, 2012   Dallas, Texas

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A pleasant LSD trip. Dec 13th, 2019
You’re getting robbed! Dec 12th, 2019
Even the flies won't eat your cooking Nov 11th, 2019
sonic with a coke Nov 8th, 2019
sunset with boats Nov 8th, 2019
tails Nov 8th, 2019
man goes fishing Nov 8th, 2019
Muscular man saying I can't remember Nov 8th, 2019
zelda Nov 8th, 2019
Muscular hot dog Nov 8th, 2019
green lantern Nov 8th, 2019
School bus flying Nov 7th, 2019
Beautiful Christmas ornament. Nov 25th, 2014
Brock Samson does a cigarette, looks badass May 14th, 2014
Draw the number one, but like a vet May 12th, 2014
Man takes flight in dream to escape satan May 11th, 2014
24th century is when robo-dinosaurs take over May 11th, 2014
perspective is all wrong on a table drawing May 11th, 2014