Kaiphas von Schroder

December 18th, 2012   Behind the tree...

Kaiphas von Schroder has drawn 582 drawings and authored 205 captions across 787 games. They follow 241 players and have 278 followers. They've earned a total of 8,025 emotes!

abashed anime girl Jun 10th
hatsune miku as a snowman May 28th
Robot Cleaning Apple May 28th
happy birthday to Mars Kyzuki Apr 21st
Girl reminds you to smile Mar 30th
android Mar 10th
Favorite Digimon Feb 4th
That one character from a game Feb 3rd
Your favourite thing to draw! (PIO?) Feb 3rd
Girlycard (Hellsing) laughs at your misery Feb 3rd
Drawception celebrates 777 games? Feb 3rd
Felix Argyle Jan 5th
Susie(Deltarune) gets a makeover Dec 23rd, 2018
Hit or miss ralsei but it's fight or spare Dec 23rd, 2018
anime gorl with red flower Dec 23rd, 2018
A girl thinking about another girl Dec 23rd, 2018
6th year anniversary on this site (congrats Dec 19th, 2018
susie from deltaruin but with a cape Dec 15th, 2018