December 22nd, 2012   BC

milkyak has drawn 372 drawings and authored 89 captions across 461 games. They follow 82 players and have 134 followers. They've earned a total of 4,878 emotes!

Gyro Zeppeli Jun 19th
emoji on weed or high Jun 19th
cool! what did we do? Jun 10th
who spilled the beans at the lighthouse Jun 10th
Clickbait Moon Jun 10th
are those beans in this castle? Jun 10th
You have a gun? Well, my knife shoots lasers! Jun 10th
Grey cloud pees lava Jun 9th
livestream of a beautiful landscape Jun 9th
Loon Poster Jun 9th
A very exquisite Goat Jun 9th
South Park Jun 8th
lemon grab actually being calm Jun 8th
Angry Mermaid Jun 8th
Annoyed sun Jun 8th
veggies chilling Jun 8th
A guy plays dark souls and screen sayshe died Jun 7th
Red, fire breathing baby born 12 years ago Jun 7th