December 27th, 2012   Michigan, USA

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Penguin with a cleaver Jul 8th, 2019
Sweaty hippo Jul 7th, 2019
mouse without a tail Jul 7th, 2019
Robot in love with a toaster Jul 7th, 2019
golf club flying through the sky Jul 7th, 2019
Marsupial-arachnid hybrid Jul 7th, 2019
Cat causes nuclear catastrophe Jul 6th, 2019
bird in space with nest Jul 6th, 2019
Guy kissing lobster Jul 6th, 2019
Push pins are cool May 13th, 2018
Hellsprout May 13th, 2018
Angry black lizard May 12th, 2018
A star throwing up May 12th, 2018
Kermit with human nose, especially red mouth. May 12th, 2018
Cute girl with a medium pikachu May 12th, 2018
A thing identifing as a spider May 12th, 2018
a cucumber in an ice-cube May 12th, 2018
Man says sign is no joke May 7th, 2018