January 17th, 2013   Osseo, Wisconsin

kjbrasda has drawn 739 drawings and authored 323 captions across 1,062 games. They follow 124 players and have 69 followers. They've earned a total of 8,463 emotes!

A gentleman Mar 20th, 2016
A woman and her tornado in love Mar 19th, 2016
Sally Ragdoll flipping the bird to some doodle Mar 19th, 2016
Gumby holds a man at gunpoint Mar 19th, 2016
Danny Phantom Mar 19th, 2016
Beaker blows Kermit up Mar 19th, 2016
I am a stegosaurus! Mar 18th, 2016
Putting glue on his own hair Mar 17th, 2016
Microphone amplifies spoken words Mar 16th, 2016
Depressed Kermit drinks red paint. Mar 16th, 2016
Stewie says Hooey Mar 16th, 2016
Grumpy kitty in the corner Mar 15th, 2016
D at the disco Mar 15th, 2016
Living Emerald Mar 11th, 2016
Cat staring down bunny. Mar 11th, 2016
darth vader is choking zero suit samus Mar 11th, 2016
Overly dramatic poster promoting hydration Mar 10th, 2016
creepy bunny Mar 10th, 2016