March 9th, 2013   Australia

Sdekka has drawn 179 drawings and authored 214 captions across 393 games. They follow 17 players and have 6 followers. They've earned a total of 2,105 emotes!

Todoroki from mha but hes Totoro Jan 18th, 2019
DINKLEBURG Jan 6th, 2016
"Owl be back." Oct 8th, 2015
Bonsai Tree Aug 29th, 2015
Exploding watermelon Aug 23rd, 2015
Pixilated Wario Aug 21st, 2015
Innocent looking ghost host inner darkness Aug 20th, 2015
Pikapooh Jul 10th, 2015
Eyes Sep 6th, 2014
It's life, Jim, but not as we know it Aug 28th, 2014
Batman in the study with the candlestick Aug 23rd, 2014
Thunder Storm Aug 23rd, 2014
The scripted pan flute stands resolute. Feb 24th, 2014
Spirited Away Dec 16th, 2013
A bra ham with Link in Dec 4th, 2013
Bunny's pain is just too real Dec 3rd, 2013
Adorable Red Kitty Cat Nov 3rd, 2013
My Little Cthulhu Nov 3rd, 2013