March 20th, 2013   Curitiba, Brasil

cris_zangiski has drawn 388 drawings and authored 26 captions across 414 games. They follow 148 players and have 142 followers. They've earned a total of 6,442 emotes!

guy fishing cotton candy Jun 29th
Tiny white teddy bear is cold Feb 12th
Earth talking to moon Feb 9th
brown-hooded demon says Run! Feb 8th
Santa broke his legs Feb 8th
Mario took too many mushrooms Feb 8th
jesus doing a sick dab on the cross Feb 7th
Knight riding a pegasus Feb 7th
Businessman Dinosaur has a crisis Feb 7th
Mario gets a little drunk Feb 5th
A Beautiful Italian Dinner Feb 4th
Sonic's gotta fast! Feb 4th
superman cooking Feb 4th
Cat Soldier Feb 4th
(IS THAT A JOJOKE?) Aug 20th, 2017
Jon Snow Aug 20th, 2017
Flaming Darth Vader Aug 20th, 2017
Nun Aug 19th, 2017