March 26th, 2013   United Kingdom

Jimlaad43 has drawn 298 drawings and authored 1,177 captions across 1,475 games. They follow 74 players and have 60 followers. They've earned a total of 10,826 emotes!

Growlithe = Macklemore Oct 9th, 2015
Tactical fart Oct 5th, 2015
Tyre fails to escape a hungry Blastoise Oct 4th, 2015
Grand Admiral Thrawn Sep 26th, 2015
Zurg was Luke's Father Sep 19th, 2015
Stewie Gryffindor Sep 11th, 2015
A smithereen Aug 20th, 2015
Droideka in an odd situation Aug 1st, 2015
Skrillex/Snorlax crossover Jul 27th, 2015
All around me are familiar faces... Jul 13th, 2015
Kiss My Glorious Golden *ss (Futurama) Jul 9th, 2015
two thousand SHREK-teen elections Jul 9th, 2015
Pikachu isn't yellow anymore. :O Jul 8th, 2015
Captain Seal holds up green O Jul 7th, 2015
Bart Vader Jul 7th, 2015
Particle Man, Particle Man. Jul 7th, 2015
G is for seal Jul 7th, 2015
Man Getting Hit by Football, by Hans Moleman Jul 4th, 2015