Domino Boy 08

April 23rd, 2013   SF Bay Area | youtube.com/user/dominoboy08

Domino Boy 08 has drawn 569 drawings and authored 382 captions across 951 games. They follow 135 players and have 101 followers. They've earned a total of 5,326 emotes!

an evil fox Apr 1st
Glaceon Mar 28th
Any pokemon Mar 28th
Raccoon Mar 26th
What the fox? Mar 23rd
Eevee Mar 21st
Stitch, but he's a gamer Mar 20th
the coronavirus is here Mar 17th
Lamp Mar 14th
whe Mar 7th
Your favorite eeveelution Feb 19th
Kawaii Doduo Feb 24th
Raccoon popping bubbles Feb 24th
Blue Whale Jan 27th
normal and shiny umbreon Feb 19th
Leafeon and Glaceon Feb 17th
Free Draw! Feb 17th
Your favorite Eeveelution Feb 15th