April 28th, 2013   UtaPri World

Shadowheart has drawn 1,065 drawings and authored 250 captions across 1,315 games. They follow 52 players and have 157 followers. They've earned a total of 11,049 emotes!

Pigeon Apr 7th
Guy with deer head Mar 31st
purple crystal Mar 31st
Parrot stroking a mustache Mar 31st
utah Mar 31st
Grey cat (possibly a Warrior Cats char) Mar 31st
scary skeleton split jumping Mar 31st
Ice cream on head Mar 30th
Narwhal Mar 30th
half cat head half dog head Mar 30th
Box-y tiger Mar 30th
a dragon anime girl i guess. Mar 30th
Donkey in a little boat in the sea Mar 30th
Half Life Lambda Mar 30th
Drinking Mar 30th
There Is A Sun In Our House Mar 30th
black and gray earth Mar 30th
Yoshi Mar 30th