May 27th, 2013   Fairfax, Virginia

FlaxAttack has drawn 300 drawings and authored 759 captions across 1,059 games. They follow 44 players and have 35 followers. They've earned a total of 7,022 emotes!

Ms. Swan (Madtv) Jun 18th, 2013
Handsome Mr. Krabs Jan 11th, 2016
Harry the Brush Jan 12th, 2016
Handsome BB-8 Jan 27th, 2016
Keyboard cat Jan 25th, 2016
RIP Alan Rickman. You will be missed, always. Jan 18th, 2016
Face off at the Darth Maulosseum Jan 16th, 2016
The Church of Supergirl Jan 18th, 2016
Hottie Squidward Jan 17th, 2016
Human tranformed into a car using only tires Jan 16th, 2016
There's a snake in my boot! Jan 16th, 2016
I'm sad, make me laugh please Jan 16th, 2016
Kylo Ren and Stimpy Jan 14th, 2016
Donald Thornberry for president Jan 14th, 2016
Rastafarian Targaryen Jan 14th, 2016
Gary with handsome squidward face Jan 15th, 2016
Blue Butterfly Jan 14th, 2016
A creative way to start the apocalypse Jan 13th, 2016