July 31st, 2013   Tucson AZ

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Snake with a mohawk Jun 23rd, 2019
Car tire is screwed up... by an actual screw. Jun 23rd, 2019
Eggman is scared because of the new Sonic Jun 16th, 2019
They are dogs! And they are playing Poker! Mar 16th, 2019
Scuba Mice Jun 12th, 2018
Happy Birthday Myriam! Apr 13th, 2018
Dog with a super long body Apr 9th, 2018
Golden Retriever Mar 9th, 2018
The black Panther knew da wae  Feb 22nd, 2018
Schrodinger's Cat Feb 22nd, 2018
Sushi Feb 21st, 2018
Turtles In space Feb 13th, 2018
Potato madness Feb 12th, 2018
Angry Porgs (like Angry Birds with porg) Feb 7th, 2018
Psy ducktails Jul 29th, 2016
Psyduck takes a nap Jul 28th, 2016
Psyduck is the best! Jul 26th, 2016
I'll take a snake...medium rare May 12th, 2016