August 29th, 2013

Composition has drawn 626 drawings and authored 2,047 captions across 2,673 games. They follow 155 players and have 71 followers. They've earned a total of 15,030 emotes!

bloody knife does what it wants Nov 8th, 2016
Bull disastrously visits a coffee shop Nov 8th, 2016
One Fish, Two Fish, updated to modern audience Nov 7th, 2016
There's more than two genders Nov 7th, 2016
White woman in black bg Nov 7th, 2016
Long brown dragon makes the #2 shape Nov 6th, 2016
The forgotten Oompa-Loompa Nov 6th, 2016
Something has gone terribly wrong Nov 5th, 2016
Who wants to pig? Nov 4th, 2016
Norwegian Flag: Right Colours/Wrong Place. Oct 23rd, 2016
Someone mooning an explosion. Oct 23rd, 2016
sponge bob eyed girlw ants to be noticed Oct 21st, 2016
3ppl showeringtogether b/c they r close frends Oct 21st, 2016
A sassy blue stick man Aug 16th, 2016
Kazoo? PIO Aug 16th, 2016
The classic silent film, "Big Penor." Aug 8th, 2016
Im goknba? Aug 8th, 2016
Mr. Game & Watch at night Aug 8th, 2016