August 29th, 2013

Composition has drawn 623 drawings and authored 1,709 captions across 2,332 games. They follow 152 players and have 66 followers. They've earned a total of 14,361 emotes!

There's more than two genders Nov 7th, 2016
White woman in black bg Nov 7th, 2016
Long brown dragon makes the #2 shape Nov 6th, 2016
The forgotten Oompa-Loompa Nov 6th, 2016
Something has gone terribly wrong Nov 5th, 2016
Who wants to pig? Nov 4th, 2016
Norwegian Flag: Right Colours/Wrong Place. Oct 23rd, 2016
Someone mooning an explosion. Oct 23rd, 2016
sponge bob eyed girlw ants to be noticed Oct 21st, 2016
3ppl showeringtogether b/c they r close frends Oct 21st, 2016
A sassy blue stick man Aug 16th, 2016
Kazoo? PIO Aug 16th, 2016
The classic silent film, "Big Penor." Aug 8th, 2016
Im goknba? Aug 8th, 2016
Mr. Game & Watch at night Aug 8th, 2016
red nose & purple nose talk about sports Aug 5th, 2016
The worst pun possible Aug 4th, 2016
mind over matter Aug 3rd, 2016