August 29th, 2013

Composition has drawn 626 drawings and authored 2,048 captions across 2,674 games. They follow 154 players and have 72 followers. They've earned a total of 15,056 emotes!

You wouldn't dare draw this Feb 22nd
your favorite animal Feb 14th
Alternate meaning for NSFW Feb 12th
Man in desert's eyeballs fell out Feb 12th
Teacup poodle in a teacup Feb 8th
What would Carl Wheezers Stand look like? Dec 4th, 2019
Hey! Panel two. Be an obvious derail -panel 1 Dec 1st, 2019
m&m steve Harvey Nov 19th, 2019
my day was terrible draw something nice Nov 20th, 2019
pls save the axolotls, they're endangered :( Nov 18th, 2019
corgi Nov 17th, 2019
Diavolo death loop Nov 17th, 2019
Years ago they tried to... Nov 16th, 2019
confuse the next panel Nov 16th, 2019
Beastars but Legosi is Giorno Nov 16th, 2019
Italian meatball vs Swedish meatball Nov 9th, 2019
Draw some Hints & Tips for drawception! Nov 7th, 2019
Bob-omb Ross Nov 6th, 2019