September 2nd, 2013   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Doughnut boy sings the doughnut boy theme song Jul 28th, 2014
Obama wrecks in league of legends Sep 11th, 2013
World's Fattest Mallard. Sep 11th, 2013
Loki farmer aproves the fence Sep 11th, 2013
WTC in September 11, 2001 Sep 9th, 2013
Turd floating on water attacking a parachuter Sep 8th, 2013
[ NSFW (18+) Game ] Sep 4th, 2013
Aww man, I flooded my room with lava AGAIN! Sep 4th, 2013
I'm fourteen and this is funny Sep 3rd, 2013
Your choice: Barry White or Blackberry phone Sep 3rd, 2013
Surprise Buttsecks (Adventure Time) Sep 3rd, 2013
Noob Saibot plays the piano Sep 3rd, 2013
French Snoopy serenades his girl Sep 3rd, 2013
Nipple slip offends ambiguous person Sep 3rd, 2013
Cheap natural australian merchandise by Bruce Sep 2nd, 2013