September 16th, 2013   Bloomington, Indiana

Spraynard has drawn 321 drawings and authored 78 captions across 399 games. They follow 16 players and have 41 followers. They've earned a total of 1,934 emotes!

Narwhal scared by dragon cyborg Dec 11th, 2015
Alcatraz Prison Sep 4th, 2014
Kid loves cinnamon, doing the challenge May 29th, 2014
A pink dog berates three hot dogs Apr 24th, 2014
Dog is embassed by new outfit Jan 25th, 2014
[panel removed] Jan 22nd, 2014
Banana graffiti artist spraypaints lady banana Jan 22nd, 2014
Fortune-teller gives little boy a doll Jan 22nd, 2014
Red Cat's on first base! Jan 20th, 2014
got a spray tan for my 1000th game! Jan 18th, 2014
No one came to the saddest burger's party Jan 18th, 2014
The beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker with Carrot Jan 17th, 2014
Homer Simpson cries for lobster's soul Jan 17th, 2014
In West Philadelphia, born and raised Jan 16th, 2014
A very uncomfortable gingerbread man. Jan 16th, 2014
Jack Nicholson showing his age Dec 22nd, 2013
Ace Ventura
Dec 20th, 2013