Grom PE

September 30th, 2013   http://chat.grompe.org.ru/#drawception

Grom PE has drawn 78 drawings and authored 439 captions across 517 games. They follow 43 players and have 120 followers. They've earned a total of 2,751 emotes!

Fire and Ice has been added. Apr 30th, 2017
A magical forest full of life Apr 22nd, 2017
Spacesuited adventurer amid the vast galaxy. Mar 16th, 2017
A majestic dragon Feb 22nd, 2017
A dragon playing videogames Jan 24th, 2017
An Ajar Jarjar in An Ajar Jar Jan 15th, 2017
Rush Limbaugh plays the theremin Jan 28th, 2014
Mozilla Firefox is a foxy fox Nov 26th, 2016
Dramatic Salvador Dali Nov 17th, 2016
Tea-Rex Aug 26th, 2016
Just What I Needed Nov 17th, 2016
Thesaurus Oct 12th, 2016
I dont know what to put... free draw?? Oct 24th, 2016
stalhrim Oct 18th, 2016
Prague (PIO - pass it on) Oct 16th, 2016
:P Oct 4th, 2016
Commander Keen Oct 3rd, 2016
Albert Einstein Oct 1st, 2016