Grom PE

September 30th, 2013   http://chat.grompe.org.ru/#drawception

Grom PE has drawn 78 drawings and authored 439 captions across 517 games. They follow 43 players and have 120 followers. They've earned a total of 2,753 emotes!

Stronger Than U Scene But With Vegeta Instead. Jul 8th, 2016
Vacuum cleaning the tiger's fur Jun 30th, 2016
Old Drawceptioner remembering his youth Jun 12th, 2016
Dungeons and Dragons May 14th, 2016
a dragon that breathes poison gas May 14th, 2016
Draw your ultimate NOPE May 9th, 2016
Dragons May 6th, 2016
Bravery Apr 23rd, 2016
Blue komodo dragon Mar 22nd, 2016
The dragon in my cupboard Feb 23rd, 2016
Element of Surprise in the Periodic Table Oct 28th, 2014
asdfmovie Feb 29th, 2016
Donald Duck plays trumpet Feb 23rd, 2016
Bad Dragon Nov 6th, 2015
Valentine's Bird Feb 16th, 2016
Bacon obtained! Jan 31st, 2016
The Olympics for Dragons Feb 1st, 2016
A dragon eating dragonfrit Dec 7th, 2015