November 8th, 2013   Fresno California

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That one friend too close to your face Nov 11th
A man not allowed within 500 feet of a school Nov 1st
Man with distorted features Oct 25th
what the frick Oct 21st
Happy guy picking flowers Oct 21st
Detailed punkin Oct 21st
Joker: society Oct 11th
Potato compares cuteness with yours. Oct 9th
Man wants to buy avacado taco Oct 9th
Bignosed baldie tripping balls Oct 4th
Bald man with large nose Aug 17th
Striped man Jul 8th
Stinky Cheese Jul 1st
detective in blue Jun 25th
Mutant Lenin Jun 14th
A majestic volcano Jun 8th
meme Jun 7th
Swole apple really wants to be your friend Jun 7th