November 8th, 2013   Fresno California

MozArc has drawn 1,472 drawings and authored 255 captions across 1,727 games. They follow 152 players and have 164 followers. They've earned a total of 8,624 emotes!

Bald man with large nose Aug 17th
Striped man Jul 8th
Stinky Cheese Jul 1st
detective in blue Jun 25th
Mutant Lenin Jun 14th
A majestic volcano Jun 8th
meme Jun 7th
Swole apple really wants to be your friend Jun 7th
A guy with a top hat holding a butterfly Jun 7th
the guardian of the sun Jun 5th
graphic looking troll face Jun 4th
Old man with sunglasses and sun hat disagrees Jun 3rd
Pop art Jun 2nd
pre-atomic era Gandhi raises his hand May 31st
fist goblin on mars May 30th
Snail May 30th
Step 5: victim opens the door May 30th
computer is mad bc man is late for their date May 30th