November 13th, 2013   Spokane Valley, WA

BlitzGirl has drawn 3,074 drawings and authored 8,513 captions across 11,587 games. They follow 21 players and have 1,832 followers. They've earned a total of 116,387 emotes!

riachu Mar 24th
pinapple on the beach Mar 23rd
Five cats Mar 23rd
Peppa Pig front view Mar 23rd
Ghostie wants pizza, please Mar 23rd
a fish Mar 22nd
bacon Mar 22nd
jevil from deltarune Mar 22nd
Moon moments before collision with Earth Mar 21st
Todoroki Mar 20th
"Don't stick a fork in a toaster" -furry Mar 20th
cool hat dance Mar 19th
A fawn asleep in the woods Mar 19th
Demonstration of the three dimensions Mar 19th
Robot inspects giant Lego Mar 18th
cow dog looks at menacing man Mar 17th
A peaceful green valley Mar 17th
godzilla is stumped by big tree Mar 17th