November 13th, 2013   Spokane Valley, WA

BlitzGirl has drawn 3,209 drawings and authored 8,850 captions across 12,059 games. They follow 21 players and have 1,888 followers. They've earned a total of 119,583 emotes!

daredevil hates stinky pizza Jul 2nd
black and white middle aged lady Jul 1st
princess in a burning castle Jun 30th
a guy lost is favorite shoe Jun 29th
Warrior Archaeologist Jun 29th
Modern art ice cream cone Jun 29th
Shovel Knight holding a princess Jun 29th
Square hero fights evil toast Jun 29th
Spider-Man with blue mask Jun 29th
Frosty mammal Jun 29th
The earth IS round Jun 29th
a rock killed the green goblin Jun 29th
Happy broken four Jun 29th
Crying but in a different dimension Jun 29th
le bread noir Jun 29th
The Gentle Princess Smiles Jun 29th
Red guard with spear Jun 29th
jumping into the pool Jun 29th