December 2nd, 2013   Proud & fat Furry! http://vellidragon.deviantart.com

Vellidragon has drawn 987 drawings and authored 12,252 captions across 13,239 games. They follow 494 players and have 1,370 followers. They've earned a total of 59,409 emotes!

Sven Jul 16th
Surprised tan alien with pink hair Jul 15th
Joker Jul 13th
hello from the other side Jul 12th
A Cookie Mugging Somebody Jul 12th
Crooked castle at night Jul 1st
A piece of Art by Squidward Jun 29th
tweety pie from looney tunes Jun 29th
Fat purple star Jun 28th
Big chungus !! Jun 27th
a person in woody's boot Jun 26th
Giant head painting Jun 26th
Peter Griffin as a muppet Jun 26th
Flood Jun 25th
king deedeedee gone wild Jun 25th
Furry with a pride flag Jun 25th
infinite bricks Jun 24th
Ganon's up to no good again Jun 24th