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Level: 75
Joined: December 28th, 2013
81781 XP (9176 to next level)

Latest Games

Jesus in space Nov 9th +6 xp


LVL 82 Skull Cave (RPG) Nov 7th +115 xp


Death by Waluigi Nov 5th +85 xp


Naval Ships Firing Cannons Nov 4th +36 xp


Deer at Sea Nov 4th +156 xp


asdf muffin attacks yelmo Nov 4th +15 xp


Waluigi makes shady deal with Elf Wizard King Nov 4th +13 xp


Aragorn Nov 4th +10 xp


new Star Wars film: Return of the Jetski Nov 4th +17 xp


neon buildings in space Nov 4th +11 xp


Tree growing in the middle of road to mountain Nov 4th +9 xp


"Lemme Smash","Hulk Smash" and "Smashing!" Nov 4th +19 xp