January 1st, 2014   -a deploration of furries turned me into one-

DekuScrub has drawn 390 drawings and authored 522 captions across 912 games. They follow 98 players and have 53 followers. They've earned a total of 4,408 emotes!

A friendly werewolf and a woman talking Jun 15th
Wine Jun 4th
Knight May 31st
Abstract Raven May 27th
Pet Peacock May 28th
San Francisco May 28th
Roll for initiative May 28th
Do a drawing out of two colors. May 28th
I seek forgiveness for what I have wrought May 28th
a cool carrot kills bunny with katana Jun 10th, 2016
birb mom and goat mom. [su and ut ref] Jan 27th, 2016
Nightmare Clown Jan 23rd, 2016
Flag of Mongolia Jan 21st, 2016
A happy meteor about to hit a tree Apr 28th, 2015
panel 7 was removed because 7 ate 9. Apr 24th, 2015
Silly Wabbit! Twix are for kids! Apr 21st, 2015
Try our carpet cleaner! Removes 99% of carpets Apr 9th, 2015
Whatever it is you have, I have a better one! Apr 7th, 2015