February 12th, 2014   www.instagram.com/drawception_art_of_the_day/

Calum has drawn 317 drawings and authored 3,988 captions across 4,305 games. They follow 42 players and have 138 followers. They've earned a total of 12,386 emotes!

old man wishes you well in a park Jun 12th
Sad viking Apr 11th
troll person pointing&saying lol at a human Mar 30th
K Mar 30th
Team Yellow wins over red in a graph Mar 30th
Peach coloured paint splatter Mar 30th
Cat with a bow tie Mar 30th
A basket filled with studf Mar 30th
A groovy star Mar 30th
Earth + Cup Mar 27th
oranges with laser eyes Mar 22nd
holding a walkie-talkie Mar 20th
being upside down is over rated Mar 15th
No! Mar 11th
Game over, you lose Drawception Mar 2nd
a very calm cloud Feb 20th
the best devil Feb 15th
Sonic The Hedgehog uses MDMA. Feb 14th