February 12th, 2014   www.instagram.com/drawception_art_of_the_day/

Calum has drawn 325 drawings and authored 4,670 captions across 4,995 games. They follow 42 players and have 148 followers. They've earned a total of 13,890 emotes!

The letter M, but it's in disguise Feb 21st
Valentine's day on the Moon Feb 15th
God of War Feb 3rd
Mukbang Feb 3rd
The egg is angry Jan 30th
patrick star converts to catholicism Jan 28th
Obese Waluigi Jan 21st
Water Dragon rests in a calm lake Jan 16th
"Ah yeah man I'm doin it! I'm breathin fire!" Jan 16th
Mystic Dragon Jan 16th
Cute toothless Jan 16th
Small toothless (httyd) Jan 16th
Dragon with ice spikes Jan 16th
Fire Breathing Red Dragon Jan 16th
Dragon spreading his wings Jan 16th
Pink dragon puffs smoke Jan 16th
Anything Free Draw: Jan 16th
Gary+Plankton abomination Jan 15th