February 12th, 2014   www.instagram.com/drawception_art_of_the_day/

Calum has drawn 317 drawings and authored 3,988 captions across 4,305 games. They follow 42 players and have 138 followers. They've earned a total of 12,386 emotes!

Creeper? Aww man! Aug 17th
The Curse... of the Were-UwU Aug 17th
Dune Aug 16th
The ducks are fighting back!! Aug 16th
Baby Playing Aug 16th
What do you dance at parties? Aug 13th
Lugia Aug 10th
Lightning storm Aug 8th
Beautiful Sunset Aug 7th
Sans crys over mr stark Jul 26th
A cat society Jul 26th
Duck-comet blasting through a planet Jul 24th
Fish with a human nose Jul 24th
Down by the lake Jul 23rd
Snuggling up in the sofa Jul 23rd
A duck getting a duck Jul 23rd
Nyan longcat Jul 23rd
Spider lurking in the shadows Jul 20th