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Level: 55
Joined: February 17th, 2014
Location: sHoOoOoOoO
5054 XP (339 to next level)

Latest Games

Boy falling through an abyss Feb 18th +5 xp


elf holds santa at gunpoint Feb 18th +1 xp


the newgrounds angry emoji Feb 18th +3 xp


happy falling ice cube head boy with hoodie Feb 17th +5 xp


Assassin sniper target Feb 16th +7 xp


young thug Feb 16th +3 xp


Sleep-deprived man returns to the shadows Feb 16th +2 xp


A bunch of silly blobs in a forest Feb 16th +7 xp


Lurantis Feb 16th +15 xp


Communism-a-Cola! Feb 16th +1 xp


catfish Feb 16th +1 xp


Invasion of the Elephant Snatchers Feb 16th +12 xp