Info chan the second

February 24th, 2014

Info chan the second has drawn 18 drawings and authored 439 captions across 457 games. They follow 0 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 1,155 emotes!

Pluh Mar 10th, 2016
new Dec 17th, 2015
A bunch of oranges Nov 25th, 2014
The cheese stands alone. Nov 25th, 2014
The Largest Moon of Saturn. Mar 3rd, 2014
You are in a staring contest with a bear. Mar 2nd, 2014
cow butts Mar 2nd, 2014
A rather pink serial killer who likes cupcakes Feb 27th, 2014
A purple man has a fabulous ring Feb 27th, 2014
Mario has a Hershey's binge Feb 27th, 2014
10tothe6th m strawberry on earth Feb 27th, 2014
Pepper crime Feb 26th, 2014
Scientific asteroid explosion Feb 26th, 2014
purple peas in a pod in pain Feb 25th, 2014
close up of Mr.s Bill's mouth only it's yellow Feb 25th, 2014
Moth, Turtle, Pikachu, Cyclops Rock turning up Feb 25th, 2014
Dinosaur drinks gatorade Feb 25th, 2014
Jeffrey Dahmer Feb 25th, 2014