April 12th, 2014   New York, New York

TylerLeite has drawn 256 drawings and authored 278 captions across 534 games. They follow 88 players and have 16 followers. They've earned a total of 1,840 emotes!

Pokefission (not to be confused w/ Pokefusion) Aug 26th, 2016
What a beautiful Duwang Aug 26th, 2016
The sun is a Japanese schoolgirl Aug 26th, 2016
a jew Aug 25th, 2016
Cut up ham with potatoes on side Aug 25th, 2016
A lobster Aug 25th, 2016
Someone you love PIO (Henery) Aug 25th, 2016
I wanna rock n roll all night! Aug 25th, 2016
Space free draw PIO Aug 25th, 2016
Draw yourself  - opposite gender Aug 25th, 2016
Flowey on fire Aug 25th, 2016
Shrek thinks they aren't like cakes... Aug 24th, 2016
Hand on Acid Aug 24th, 2016
a few days later Aug 24th, 2016
drunk-tini (drunk dratini) Aug 24th, 2016
Pain Aug 24th, 2016
Wanted poster Aug 24th, 2016
dimmadome (fairly odd parents) Aug 24th, 2016