Adanae Luis del Valle

April 24th, 2014

Adanae Luis del Valle has drawn 29 drawings and authored 34 captions across 63 games. They follow 3 players and have 6 followers. They've earned a total of 69 emotes!

Robot rises up against the humans Nov 28th, 2016
Sonic Nov 21st, 2016
Scout's pledge Nov 20th, 2016
"Where's Dad?" Not home Nov 20th, 2016
the open window diddler of 2015 Nov 20th, 2016
Sans crying about having nobody Nov 20th, 2016
Dubledore Nov 20th, 2016
Irish man catching germs and bacteria Nov 20th, 2016
the letter M in grey with green triangles Apr 27th, 2014
Divide by zero Apr 27th, 2014
Brains frying Apr 25th, 2014
Harry Potter Jesus Apr 25th, 2014
A vegan taking out their anger towards burgers Apr 25th, 2014
Confessing to a murder Apr 25th, 2014
Man is confused by colour pallete. Apr 25th, 2014
White racist man flips off black guy Apr 25th, 2014
Plants VS Zombies Garden warfare Apr 25th, 2014
Ladder Man Pukes Apr 24th, 2014