Matias Rivero

May 8th, 2014   Buenos Aires

Matias Rivero has drawn 176 drawings and authored 36 captions across 212 games. They follow 51 players and have 64 followers. They've earned a total of 2,211 emotes!

Labyrinth zone (Sonic the hedgehog) Nov 9th, 2014
Redraw your highest scoring DC drawing! Nov 8th, 2014
Robo-Scooby-Doo-Bot. Nov 6th, 2014
You are a shy policeman!Fierce but vulnerable! Jun 24th, 2014
Whipped cream head in pajamas, nuke behind him Jun 23rd, 2014
Sweet Tattoo of a red headed lady in red Jun 23rd, 2014
The strongest man in the world! Jun 22nd, 2014
melting anvil and a chain Jun 18th, 2014
(well drawn) Zooey Deschanel Jun 16th, 2014
Fish discuss evolution Jun 15th, 2014
Guy lies to dentist about brushing his teeth Jun 15th, 2014
Jigglypuff lauched into space w/ no rocket Jun 14th, 2014
Full Metal Jacket with pigs Jun 14th, 2014
George Lucas is coming to Wii U Jun 14th, 2014
Chairy (Pee Wee's) becomes an atheist. Jun 14th, 2014
L is for...looooove of course! Jun 14th, 2014
Black robed disciple ascends at sunset Jun 13th, 2014
Donkey try to sell his new book "Mow". Jun 13th, 2014