June 1st, 2014

Stv has drawn 112 drawings and authored 109 captions across 221 games. They follow 2 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 632 emotes!

League of Legends (L.O.L.) Aug 23rd, 2014
Shrek and Luigi express love for each other Aug 21st, 2014
Sir and Lady Penguin at a horse race Aug 21st, 2014
T-rex squid holding guns in tornadoes. Aug 16th, 2014
slender,an is comfused Aug 7th, 2014
Templar is astonished by a light bulb Aug 6th, 2014
Patrick gets an award. Jul 17th, 2014
Where's Johny? Jul 17th, 2014
Pickle pirate with a gherkin sword Jul 17th, 2014
nice drawing in a vet game Jul 9th, 2014
alien stabed with spear. Jul 7th, 2014
Dugtrio too busy to talk to escaped convict Jul 3rd, 2014
coal with a patched up bruise Jul 2nd, 2014
Stickman shoots other stickmen dead Jul 2nd, 2014
Black Afro dude at a white nudist beach. Jul 1st, 2014
Wolves learned how to make spaceships! Jun 25th, 2014
purple scenery Jun 17th, 2014
Shirtless Mr. T pities you, fool! Jun 17th, 2014