October 3rd, 2014   Somewhere in the universe... somewhere...

Pusheen has drawn 323 drawings and authored 245 captions across 568 games. They follow 73 players and have 62 followers. They've earned a total of 2,834 emotes!

Vacuum loves you Oct 2nd, 2018
Close-up of the human eye Dec 2nd, 2017
Flint & Steve (C.W.A.C.O.M.) Dec 2nd, 2017
giant moth watching a city burn Nov 26th, 2017
a sharp rock has converted to a christian Nov 26th, 2017
Ihavedahswag has reached level 50! Jun 4th, 2015
Decapitation, they're actually a robot. Jun 3rd, 2015
british cop going after robber Jun 2nd, 2015
Losing your temper over being cool isn't cool. Jun 2nd, 2015
Who should be in Smash Bros.? PIO Jun 1st, 2015
The orange nintendo ds woke up Jun 1st, 2015
Baby cheers for 2 headed man doing yard work Jun 1st, 2015
Garlic runs from fruits Jun 1st, 2015
There's a Snape in my boots! May 31st, 2015
Cowboy Gandalf riding a walker from Star Wars May 31st, 2015
Break Fasting May 29th, 2015
kitty snuggling a bat Apr 7th, 2015
Very small letter M likes bottom right corner. Mar 27th, 2015