Александр Шалаев

December 18th, 2014

Александр Шалаев has drawn 207 drawings and authored 119 captions across 326 games. They follow 0 players and have 6 followers. They've earned a total of 1,395 emotes!

Fried Chicken fetish. Apr 28th, 2015
PEPSI Girl is perhaps patriotic Apr 27th, 2015
Stalin does a slam dunk! Apr 27th, 2015
Hard boiled detective hamster Apr 27th, 2015
Orange rocker finds the cute amputee store Apr 26th, 2015
Stereotypical French Dude Apr 26th, 2015
an american flag with cursewords spraypainted? Apr 26th, 2015
Japanese Gothic Apr 26th, 2015
Lelouch V. Britannia Apr 26th, 2015
Struggling to figure out, what to draw. Apr 25th, 2015
Sonic is a literal hobo Apr 25th, 2015
plasma sanic x to pull Apr 25th, 2015
BYCICLE! BYCICLE! (Continue Song) Apr 25th, 2015
Star Wars flying shooting thingy is a rapper Apr 25th, 2015
Boy finds ultimate wizard fanboy Apr 25th, 2015
Crab not sure if he's met another sea animal Apr 25th, 2015
i broke my leg today.what you did today? Apr 25th, 2015
Dog happy solider is home Apr 25th, 2015