April 1st, 2012   Lancaster, Lancashire

Gabriel8909 has drawn 59 drawings and authored 35 captions across 94 games. They've earned a total of 160 emotes!

green slinky goes down stairs Apr 20th, 2012
Donald VS Dolan Apr 7th, 2012
the circle of life Apr 5th, 2012
Superman develops mega-quiff Apr 5th, 2012
Human Centipide visits Micky D's Apr 5th, 2012
Blessed trinity appears on sun above a church Apr 4th, 2012
That's a whole lot of blobs Apr 4th, 2012
Medieval monk lost it, and now has a huge knife Apr 4th, 2012
A very wry and dapper gingerbread man Apr 3rd, 2012
A typical sheldon's prank Apr 3rd, 2012
Hippie in front of giant turbine with pants down Apr 3rd, 2012
H Piddy Apr 3rd, 2012
Crudely drawn Sony logo Apr 3rd, 2012
Four happy trees Apr 3rd, 2012
Nazi cat wants to eat people for his birthday Apr 3rd, 2012
Cat going downhill on a supermarket cart. Apr 2nd, 2012
dog is nothere we can hear barking and see stars Apr 2nd, 2012
The internet, is a series of tubes! Apr 2nd, 2012