December 25th, 2014

misssugarcraft has drawn 14 drawings and authored 15 captions across 29 games. They've earned a total of 42 emotes!

Gender changing medication Jan 28th, 2015
Squirrel telling about Thanksgiving to his Mom Jan 27th, 2015
Fire hose actually sprays fire Jan 27th, 2015
There's a snake in front of my boot Jan 3rd, 2015
Catopus abducts blonde chick Dec 29th, 2014
Why is one afraid of nine? Dec 29th, 2014
Purple Cat Pez Dispenser Dec 29th, 2014
A living taco eats scissors Dec 29th, 2014
An Angel Who Just Doesn't Know Dec 29th, 2014
akatsuki loves the hulk Dec 29th, 2014
Purple woman yells "Die hink!" Dec 26th, 2014
Ladybug with a torquoise bug Dec 26th, 2014
Dissecting Rudolph with a saw Dec 25th, 2014
Pug going on a date. Dec 25th, 2014