Summer Breeze

January 2nd, 2015

Summer Breeze has drawn 587 drawings and authored 994 captions across 1,581 games. They follow 72 players and have 70 followers. They've earned a total of 4,762 emotes!

try it, it's for telleportation! Jan 3rd, 2015
The disembodied head of Mickey Mouse Jan 3rd, 2015
reindeer with curly hair as antlers Jan 3rd, 2015
Angry rainbow chases space-rock Jan 3rd, 2015
togo and george don't have a bed. Jan 3rd, 2015
School time Jan 3rd, 2015
Decil in the sky Jan 3rd, 2015
Stupid, humorless jokes portrayed via sketches Jan 3rd, 2015
Invader Zim Meets Jesus Jan 2nd, 2015
Sad man puts CD that wants to stay, in bin. Jan 2nd, 2015
Puke all over the place with shrek Jan 2nd, 2015