January 10th, 2015   In dabooty's booty

KittoKattxx has drawn 177 drawings and authored 263 captions across 440 games. They follow 49 players and have 27 followers. They've earned a total of 1,394 emotes!

laughing hysterically Jan 8th
Winter Jan 8th
TheOdd1sOut Jan 8th
Long Haired Cat Jan 8th
Chara Jan 8th
Anime heart girl in black and white sketch Jan 8th
Will you marry me? Jan 8th
Someone has arrived at furry hell :) Jan 8th
shower Jan 8th
Ladder. All there is to it. Jan 8th
Space Core won't shut up Jan 8th
Rainbow Snail Jan 7th
It's some of those Homestucks Jan 7th
Frying an egg while it radiates hearts Jan 7th
mouse Jan 7th
Cute doggo Jan 7th
Dismembered Pikachu Parts Jan 7th
FREE DRAW (BUT INVOLVE A CAT :p) Apr 13th, 2019