February 19th, 2015

Daenelia has drawn 201 drawings and authored 144 captions across 345 games. They follow 36 players and have 25 followers. They've earned a total of 1,383 emotes!

9 is afraid of 7 May 1st, 2018
The Ice King May 1st, 2018
goth vampire princess leia with a unibrow May 1st, 2018
White Teddy bear in black tux with black BKGD Apr 30th, 2018
Big anime eyes are dumb Apr 30th, 2018
Annoying Orange Apr 30th, 2018
Blue screen of death Apr 26th, 2018
madotsuki in front of door Apr 26th, 2018
Sad old slim banana Apr 26th, 2018
A campfire Mar 9th, 2018
A talkative goat Mar 9th, 2018
Eerie girl drawing on chalkboard. Mar 9th, 2018
Baghead chasing man Mar 9th, 2018
Pirat Morty Mar 9th, 2018
Crab dancing in snow catching green things Mar 9th, 2018
Little King John Aug 11th, 2017
Guy sticking tongue out Aug 11th, 2017
uh, lightning, has, flash, red, uhauh, AMERICA Aug 11th, 2017