February 19th, 2015

Daenelia has drawn 201 drawings and authored 144 captions across 345 games. They follow 36 players and have 25 followers. They've earned a total of 1,383 emotes!

a dalek steals the TARDIS Mar 16th, 2016
no golden girls allowed Mar 16th, 2016
Snowmen vs Sandcastles Mar 16th, 2016
Gargoyle under the blue sky Mar 16th, 2016
guy trips, drops cake, crowd watches in horror Mar 16th, 2016
I really really really like this drawing Mar 16th, 2016
Breakdancing on a mat Mar 15th, 2016
March is leg-month Mar 15th, 2016
creepy woman meets man with eyes on fire Mar 15th, 2016
Very hairy and very angry man Mar 15th, 2016
Schroedinger's cat ain't that happy Mar 15th, 2016
robot baby bird in a nest saying "shh" Mar 15th, 2016
green haired head confused by stickman theft Mar 15th, 2016
passed paper with "OK" in it Mar 15th, 2016
Disgruntled old lady in an office Mar 15th, 2016
A beautiful view of the ocean Mar 15th, 2016
ghost wears a ranger disguise Mar 15th, 2016
nun is questioning death Mar 15th, 2016